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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diet: A weigh-in after a couple of cheats

This week has been both my birthday (31!) and our anniversary (12!). Some of our dearest friends family moved. I had a painful incident happen (an ovarian cyst burst - never had one of those before and hope to never again!). We attended a graduation out of town. We had family in from out of town (Nan had a wonderful piano recital today!).

We started on cycle 3 and have been enjoying carbs (hello, breakfast cereal!) and some snacks (tiny babybel cheeses in red wax - wonderful!). Because of the above the events we each only seriously worked out one day. We walked every other day a couple of miles but nothing strenuous.

Both sets of my parents (my biological parents and my in-laws) ended up doing supper with us on Tuesday. And since it was my birthday - and it was my choice....Joe's Pizza in Paris, Illinois!!! I was good and followed our rules all day and then for supper I had a half order of spaghetti. I didn't eat the garlic bread that came with it. But then again, I had a couple slices of their wonderful pizza with Italian sausage and onion. (Sigh, it was as good as I imagined it would be!).

And aren't you just a tiny bit jealous that I am a grown up woman and yet I still get a birthday supper with my parents and in-laws...together. Yeah, I am blessed and I know it. The 4 of them are pretty special people!

Even though I bought a beautiful Harry and David's New York Style cheesecake for my birthday cake, it is still sitting (untouched) in my freezer!

We cheated last night too. We went out of town to a graduation dinner. Spaghetti, bread (amazing bread!), fresh fruit, salad, and cupcakes. We ate a little spaghetti and lots of salad...and then a piece of bread each. But then we each ate another piece of bread. Oh goodness. BREAD. WONDERFUL BREAD. (I am so sorry gluten-free friends. I cannot imagine. 30+ days was hard enough!) No fruit (it was after 2) and no cupcakes!

You can find this recipe on my gluten free board on Pinterest.
This week we also tried this  pizza recipe which we consider a cheat. It has a cauliflower crust - but it contains A LOT of cheese. I used half skim and half fat free but still it was way more cheese then we would normally eat. If you are gluten free this would be good. If you are looking to just avoid carbs - then you may need to consider what is the lesser evil for you: cheese or flour. I usually make homemade crust with all whole-wheat flour anyway and I think I will go back to that. By the way, didn't use the toppings in this pin. I made one with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and one with BBQ sauce, cooked chicken breast and cheddar cheese. (If you can call it cheese since they were both fat free...)

So the week of cheats and 
the week of not exercising like we should on Cycle 3...
our weigh in totals this week:
Michael - the same
Laura - the same

So our thoughts are this: this diet is supposed to teach us to eat better. To THINK before we eat and make a calculated choice about putting stuff in our mouths. Even though this week we did not follow the diet to the letter, we did realize that we are using it's principles as part of our normal day-to-day lives! No weight loss but no weight gain - plus using our new eating habits even in special situations...this week was a success by us!

PS: Had to visit the doctor this week. Her scale has me at 5 pounds more then our home scale. Which means that I have still lost the same amount of weight but I just weigh more then I thought. :(

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