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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Fun Goal: Put a Stamp in National Park Passport

Last week we flew to San Diego to help my sister and her family begin their cross-country move. I know that I will share more about that major life change (for them and us!) soon. Right now, you need to know this part: We flew there BUT we drove back. Part of what they needed help with is driving stuff and a car back to Illinois. When I say we, I mean Michael, Nan, Jo & I.

Yes, we took our 1 almost 2 year old on a 2300 mile road trip...and lived to talk about it.

Other then spending time together as a family and with extended family (my sister's family and the Stewart's), the highlight of the trip was watching Nancy eat a 72-oz steak at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX.

I was just seeing if you were paying attention. She didn't eat a 72oz steak but it was a fun Route 66 place to visit. If she had eaten that steak and all the fixing it would have been FREE. But she didn't even attempt it. (and neither did her parents).  We will share some more pictures and thoughts from our trip in a future blog.

For now, I will show you that we completed another family fun goal: putting a stamp in the girl's National Park Passports.

They look a lot like a regular passport book but are thicker and spiral bound. Inside it contains information about the National Parks and other National places such as forests and monuments. Most of those places have a spot where you can get your passbook stamped with a cancellation that has the date just as you would a real passport.  You can learn more by visiting this website.

This was Jo's first National Park so this is the first stamp in her book!

Nan already has a few stamps and is excited to carefully add new stamps!

Wasn't that exciting to see them stamp their books...oh wait, you might want to see where they got the stamps!

We made it to the Grand Canyon just in time for sunset! It was amazing!

Beautiful view and a beautiful girl!

Grand Canyon - South Rim

 Family Fun Goals
Fun Goal
Date Completed
Visit a Literary Location

Visit a Beach
Visit a Zoo

Visit a Museum
Camp Out

Build a Fort in the Living Room (and sleep in it)
2/18 – 2/19
Visit a President’s Home

Ride Bikes to Rockhome Gardens

Attend a New Sporting Event

Walk a 5k

Put a Stamp in our National Park Passport Book
6/7 – 6/8
Do Not Use Lights for a Weekend
2/17 – 2/19

Nan’s Fun Goals

Fun Goal
Date Completed
See a Play or Musical

Take a Canoe or Float Trip

Go Ice Skating
See a Concert
Sleep in the Tree House

 Family Traditions


Date Completed

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visit an Apple Orchard

Attend a St. Louis Cardinal’s Game

Attend a Chicago Fire Game
Watch a Movie in Drive-In

Make a Gingerbread House

Host Elf Party


  1. I didn't know about the passports. We will be looking into that!

  2. What a beautiful view--I love the Grand Canyon. You are so good at doing these "family fun" things. Oh, btw, I notice one of your goals is to go to a drive in movie. The town we're in has the only drive-in movie theater in Iowa. Just sayin'. . . ;)