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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Fun Goal: See a Cardinals Game

Michael boss passed along to us four tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals game the other weekend. He thought they were 'pretty good seats'. (We have been blessed to sit in his season ticket spots for Illini football & basketball and Chicago Bulls so when he said he thought they were 'pretty good', Michael was excited!)

We planned a trip to St. Louis - making the most of our free tickets and trying to show Di*na some fun "American" things. We headed up Friday night to Muny to see a play and stayed up late in a hotel eating Imo's Pizza. The next morning we headed to the St. Louis Children's Museum before making our way over to Busch Stadium.

Now, a little background - Michael feels it is necessary to arrive at any sporting venue as soon as the gates open. With the temps in the 100's, I was dreading our extra hours at the field. Michael tried to convince me it would be different this time because we were going to get to eat buffet style before the game.

My dread was wasted. The tickets were an amazing gift  because they were part of the Cardinals Club which allowed us access to a clubhouse and free food and drinks. I can't even find the words to explain how cool this experience was - truly once in a lifetime experience for us!

Air Conditioning and Free
(Need I say more????)

Our parking spot in Lot B. I am literally sitting in the driver's seat and taking this picture. That is our gate and our door to our seats was less then 10 feet past that. AMAZING!!!!

Before the game tradition: reenacting all the statue poses. Needless to say our teenager was not impressed with this tradition.

The food was amazing. I was totally keeping it all in check until I got to the carving station (yes! Carving Station!!!!) and it was gyros. GYROS! The sad thing was that I had to explain it to the people in line around me - seriously, St. Louis is a great town except they apparently lack appreciation for the finest food (after my Mom's sloppy joe's) in the world: GYROS!!!!!
Dessert bar....several flavors of St. Louis Ooey Gooey cake among the offerings

Michael showing off our seats: 4th row behind Home Plate!

Perfect St. Louis Picture: Stadium and Arch!

It was hot BEFORE the game.

A tradition for Michael and Nan is to keep stats during the game.

Michael making fun of me for taking pictures of every piece of food they brought us. Yes, they brought it to us - we had a waiter who brought us whatever we wanted to drink or eat.  Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Nachos ... it all tasted better because it was free!
It was still hot AFTER the game.

Michael is melted! He loved every minute of the game and this unique experience. Although we were allowed to come inside to the air conditioned clubhouse and watch on flat screens, Michael stayed for every minute of the game (and then some!). After the game, we sat in the air conditioning and waited for the stadium and traffic to clear out. Di*na is showing off the Cardinals Build-A-Bear she made at the stadium.


2012  Family Fun Goals
Fun Goal
Date Completed
Visit a Literary Location
Visit a Beach
Visit a Zoo

Visit a Museum
Camp Out

Build a Fort in the Living Room (and sleep in it)
2/18 – 2/19
Visit a President’s Home

Ride Bikes to Rockhome Gardens

Attend a New Sporting Event

Walk a 5k

Put a Stamp in our National Park Passport Book
6/7 – 6/8
Do Not Use Lights for a Weekend
2/17 – 2/19

Nan’s Fun Goals

Fun Goal
Date Completed
See a Play or Musical
Take a Canoe or Float Trip

Go Ice Skating
See a Concert
Sleep in the Tree House

 Family Traditions


Date Completed

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visit an Apple Orchard

Attend a St. Louis Cardinal’s Game
Attend a Chicago Fire Game
3/24, 6/17
Watch a Movie in Drive-In

Make a Gingerbread House

Host Elf Party

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  1. WOW! Talk about going in style! :) You picked a good hot day to go with all the works--what a fun time.