It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. -Mother Teresa

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

lost in translation

I probably could have 400 examples of things that are lost in translation. This is the one that makes us laugh the most.

You don't really think about know stuff.

We as Americans have so many things: we literally have things for our things. (Think about that for a minute!)

My mother-in-law has been gracious enough to once again lend us her van. Yes, we do have two (paid-off!!!) older vehicles that run. But neither is 100% reliable and our van is especially temperamental. My MIL van has two things our girls have come to love: DVD player and Air Conditioning!

Michael is totally afraid that this is going to come off as making fun of my Mother in Law. I AM NOT DOING THAT! Not only did I just mention that she is lending us a van with Air conditioning (how could you not adore her just for that fact alone?!?) but I love her very much and would never hurt her intentionally. So that is my disclaimer.

A 'couch' cover for the kleenex box in the van. Yes a cover (thing) for a thing.

The above is the box of kleenex in her van. Someone (probably one of her many grateful patients) made it for her. I don't know the story but what I do know is that we cannot figure out the words that will translate to explain it!!! For some reason this makes Michael laugh a lot. Not a whole lot makes Michael laugh and laugh and laugh.

This is good because when Michael laughs everyone else does. We still haven't figured out "couch", "sofa" , "kleenex",  "tissue", and "cover or decoration for the box of kleenex in the van". But it is a good example of our country's excessive 'stuff' and stuff that just doesn't make sense.

By the way, I have a ton more examples in my own life of excessive American stuff then Mother-in-Law does. It is just that trying to explain this one has been the biggest laugh for us.

Moving on...

Yesterday, we figured out that Di*na likes to ride a bike. So I lent her mine to ride with Nan. Tiny bit of a battle about the helmet but she wore it. (New Horizon's rules say she must wear a helmet but I do wear a helmet myself as does Michael and Nan.)

I have wrote a lot about how just one member of our family is adjusting: the person visiting but haven't talked too much about everyone else.

Jo is Jo. She is our strong-willed and high-maintenance child. I can't tell if she is adjusting okay or just going through one of her phases. She isn't doing great at nap and bedtime. And by not doing great I mean screaming blood murder until she falls asleep on the floor. Awesome! She hasn't slept through the night since Di*na got here. We are attributing it to teeth. (But don't judge me if I tell you that I thought about seeing if we sent her back to Ukr*ine instead of the one that does sleep. I promise that I only had this thought between 2-3am and by dawn it has -almost - dissipated.)

Nan is needing a bit more one-on-one attention. She doesn't appreciate having to go to bed earlier then Di*na. But that is the way it works. She is typical 8-years old: she totally understands that Jo must go to bed earlier then her but can't relate that logic to herself since she doesn't like it!

 I have been using that earlier time to lay next to her (on the top bunk - thank goodness I don't have to crawl up and down that thing on a regular basis!) and listen to her. You would think she would have nothing to say but complaints and thoughts about Di*na. You would think! But rather, she spent 40 minutes last night planning her Halloween costume and how she will fix her hair for it.

She spent 10 minutes discussing selling off her stuff in order to have Di*na live with us 'forever'.  (Reminding me that she didn't say the "A-word" -adoption.) She continued on with how she would split up her room when it came time to share. She is very concerned that Di*na is too big for a bunk bed. ("She probably will have her feet hang off!" umm, she is only 5 feet tall. She is okay. And what Nan doesn't know is that she usually shares a room with 11 other people....)

It is my thought that Nan is doing okay. I haven't planned what we are eating for lunch today and she knows how she is going to do her hair on October 31st!

Everything isn't perfect. Nan is quick to tears and hungers for quiet alone time. I believe this is not only because she is sharing everything in her life but also from lack of sleep. She has been waking up around 7am- a time she doesn't usually see!

Let me back up a tiny bit and touch on the A-word (adoption). This is a hosting program. There is a small possibility something like that could happen but we are forbidden to talk about it. If you have questions about this, let me know, just not in front of our kiddos. Part of letting Nan share is letting her share her thoughts even though we don't have any real answers for her.

I am going to end with this: Jo has a new 'thing' she see the camera and wants to smile...except her smile involves closing her eyes and making a weird squinty face. I snapped these while she helped herself to the sour cream bowl (her favorite!) after tacos the other day. (It was almost empty plus I told you before, "She isn't the first!"

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