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Monday, September 17, 2012

Field Trip: Springfield, IL

This past Friday we used out-of-state visitors as an excuse to take a field trip. We visited our state's capital city to check out some famous architecture and Lincoln sites. Most of the places we visited did not allow photographs to be taken so there isn't much to look at after our trip but it was worth a trip - maybe two - so we wanted to share.  

Our first stop was a tour of the Dana-Thomas House by Frank Lloyd Wright. For a small donation we took a very detailed 2-hour tour of the home with a guide. I knew Nan and Nancy would both enjoy it but I think both of them were skeptical - turns out just this once, I was right!

Next we headed to a local diner for Horseshoes. A horseshoe is a Springfield tradition: bread, hamburger patty, and french fries all smothered in cheese sauce.

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Baby Ella rubbing Abe's nose for good luck.

Nan's turn to rub Abe's nose.

Lincoln Family Tomb

Our final destination was the Lincoln Museum and Library. Sadly, we should have arrived earlier and spent the whole day here. Even with just a few hours, we had a great visit and learned lots of new things.

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  1. We went to Springfield several years ago when my big kids were little. We really should go again--thanks for the reminder!