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Friday, October 19, 2012

For Real: CC from Other 'For Real' Bloggers

Classical Conversations is tool that helps parents educate their children in the classical method. A Classical education would be considered old-fashioned. Classical education makes me think "Little House on the Prairie One Room School House. Classical Education is giving your child the tools of learning not just information.

Yeah, it is confusing. I will share more about my family's journey to Classical Education sometime in the future. But for now, let me start you off with some information about Classical Conversations. This is a link to the organization's official site. 

Last night, I attended a meeting with some other homeschooling parents who are interested in setting up a Classical Conversations Community in a local town. Three of the families were like us, it was our first year in CC and we would like one closer to home. Another family was being introduced to CC. If you are local, you may want to learn more about CC and join us. If you are not local, you may just be curious about a classical education. (If you are my friends and family, you may just want to check into this to be sure that "Crazy Laura" is actually educating Nancy in a way that will allow her to function as an adult.)

I enjoy reading blogs for the authenticity. A blog post usually feels like someone is talking to you rather than just persuading you to use their product. For me, reading information from an organization's website is good but not great. Of course they are only going to say good things! That is why I am sharing a few here from several random perspectives:

Here are few blogs that answer the question, 
"What is Classical Conversations?" 

1. Kerry from The Potter's Shed shares about CC. This post is a few years old but the information holds firm and is in list form.  5 Questions about Classical Conversations Answered

2. Jen from Classical Conversations & My Catholic Family believes that many Catholic families do not believe that CC is for them. She is attempting to end that myth by sharing her families journey.

3. Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles authors the post Classical Conversations: An Introduction on Simple Homeschool at website with a catchphrase I admire: Never let your schooling interrupt your education.

4. Brandy from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood has one of the most  thorough CC blogs. This specific post is a great place for beginners and seekers because it not only has great information but also oodles of photographs. (Bonus: She has a "Be Real" tab!)

5. Crystal from A Well-Feathered Nest is a creative soul with a beautiful blog offering lots of lovely FREE  printables in addition to great homeschooling information. In this post she explains how Classical Conversations is the Foundation of their Homeschool.

6. Annalea from Hope and Honey served locally as a CC director before recently relocating. One of the things that helped her family feel settled after the move was CC. You can read about those feelings here and how the school year looks for them this year using CC here. 

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  1. They started a CC group here this year. We didn't join in because all the kids were much older than mine. It's such an amazing way to school.