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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Love Crockpot (Pinterest!) Recipes

Cold weather make anyone else run for her crockpot?

Tried these  pins last week in addition Snow Flake Cocoa that I wrote about here (and have already made 3x).

Quick and Easy Carmel Apple Cider Recipe
This is supposed to be a knock-off of Starbuck's recipe. I have never tried it but that is my best friend's favorite so I was hoping this would be close. This recipe can be found on Stephanie O'Dea's blog by clicking on this link. (Stepanie has a cookbook that I would love to own - hint, hint Christmas shoppers!)

Update: My family enjoyed this recipe but the bottom had a layer of gunk that made it unappetizing. I tried  a few modifications such as replacing the caramel syrup with caramel coffee flavoring - like you get at a coffee house. I could buy it as my local warehouse store for about $3.(About the same price as the ice cream topping.)  I floated a cinnamon stick instead of sprinkling in spices (we are not really into clove so we didn't miss that). Take the cinnamon stick out after awhile or it will get too strong. I can't really tell you when because it is a personal taste thing. With the modifications it is a totally different recipe but it doesn't have the gunk.

Broccoli Cheese Soup for the Crockpot

Reviews were mixed for this easy recipe. Yes, it uses cream of soup from a can so some of you will judge me. But for those of who are looking for an easy 'homemade' meal you will enjoy this. It was perfect to come home to after sitting at a soccer match. Hint: I did not add the cheese until right before I served it. Since it is velveeta, it melted quickly and was terribly delish.  This recipe can be found at by clicking here.

Tonight I have marinated mushrooms and split pea soup in the my two crockpots. What you you made recently in your crockpot? 

There is something extra satisfying about using a recipe off of Pinterest. 
Would you not agree?


  1. Excellent. Love that recipe for the creamy soup. I'll be using that one! Thanks, my dear!

  2. has some good slow cooker recipes. I've made a lot their honey sesame crockpot chicken. My kids LOVE it!!

    1. I am going to check that out right now! Thanks for sharing!!!!