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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Potty Training: Day 4

I had no interest in potty training JoJo. I only now reluctantly do so. I had already decided that I wasn't even going to attempt potty training until Jo was 100% behind it and it was her idea. I was expecting that to be around spring or next summer but I forgot that she doesn't realize she isn't 8 years old.

As with all things JoJo, it HAS TO BE her idea. Last week, she requested to use the potty several times (and actually went!) and refused to wear wet diapers for more than 2 seconds. Michael and I talked about it and thought we would give it a try on Monday. 

I originally took this picture and thought of emailing it to my friend, Carla. She is super great about not commercializing her kids. I have obviously had more than one glass of the Disney kool-aid. :)

Monday, of course, being a field trip day. We were out of the house all day and Jo used the potty at every place we were more than enough times. She was dry until 3pm when (yes, even without a nap) when we arrived home where she promptly wet her pants. One more accident so we finished off the day at 2. I was feeling like SuperMom!

Tuesday started off with 2 accidents by 8am. (Pride goes before the fall.) The number rose drastically throughout the day keeping with her theory of only wearing wet clothes or diapers for 2 seconds. My washing machine was constantly busy. She wanted to sit on the potty AFTER she wet every single time. In my selfish mom world, I thought this was crazy and an attempt to invite me to her crazy party: you are already wet so I have to do all the work of the cleaning up and all the work of the sitting on the potty. WHY????

Wednesday is Preschool Story Time at the Library. It lasts about 1 hour. We visited the library potty 5 times. We went zero times but did stay dry. We ran errands - using public bathrooms whenever possible never actually going but staying dry. We got home, were dry, and used the potty! Unloading the groceries, a shrieking Jo lets me know that she is wet. (10 minutes after just going in the potty.) Last night, she realizes that other people can use the potty and the light bulb goes off, "Other people should drop what they are doing and take me to the potty!"  She wants everyone but her mom to take her to the bathroom including her 5 year old cousin.

Today we can't let mommy take us to the potty at all. "Sissy" must use the bathroom with her. Oh, and Jo picks what toilet. (We have 3 plus a potty chair and child's toilet seat that goes on the regular seat.) This child enjoys making decisions. I on the other hand believe that when she says she has to go, we need to run to the nearest toilet because pee must be exiting her body. (This is not the case. We sit and sing until the pee comes every single time. I need to find a way to make this a nice experience so she will continue to potty but not so nice that she wants to hang out in the bathroom singing with my undivided attention all day.)

Right now we are in the period of potty training where:

I am trained to: 

  • remind her most of the time to go (except in public, it is almost always her constant idea)
  • help pull down her pants (if she is actually wearing any) and the training pants
  • help her get up on the toilet
  • stand there and entertain her with whatever song she suggests we sing
  • get her the toilet paper
  • get her down from the toilet
  • help her pull up her training pants
  • help her pull up her pants (if applicable)
  • I help her wash her hands.  

Jo is trained to:
  • make casual attempt at pulling up and down her training pants & pants
  • wipe
  • flush
  • shake as much water as possible around the bathroom while washing her hands

Day Four and the only people trained are Mom and now Nan.


  1. :) yeah, I make an attempt to not over commercialize my kids, yet when my child goes to your house, she thinks that princess potty is the GREATEST, prettiest thing ever, and C AN NOT wait to make a deposit in it!!!! lol

  2. Good luck on the potty training!

    1. Thanks. I am wondering if this is a false start...

  3. Bwah, ha, ha! I was so bummed to have to potty train Tyrell (even though it's going well). As much as I would love to adopt more children, I've decided they would have to be potty trained first. I think five times is quite enough to go through this! lol (mostly joking. . .mostly)

    1. I hear you! Nan was offering advice (as only an 8-year old can) about potty training to me. Michael started listing the people I had potty trained (including herself). Yes, I have done this once or twice before...just last year even! That was one of the beautiful parts of hosting an older orphan this past summer! :) Glad to hear Tyrell's potty training is going well!