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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Family Fun Goal: Watch a Movie in Drive In

We love our drive-in fun goal! We had tried many times to get there this past year but soccer matches, the late starting times (9:30 some nights!) and the heat prevented it. We had to go the very, very last night the Drive In was open for the season.

There was a larger than usual crowd because this may be the last night for the Drive In EVER. Sadly, the theatre is in a fight to stay open. Here are some words from one of their owners:

The end of film as we know it is here. For the past few years, Film Studios have begun a process of converting their profitable movie houses to Digital to avoid film production and distribution costs. No one knew an exact date, but that date has arrived: December 2012. Very soon, every movie theater in the country, including the hundreds of remaining drive in's, will either have converted their film projection systems to the new digital projectors or they will be out of business with no movies to show. The news was released today, September 11th 2012: Fuji Film, one of the last and largest maker of 35mm film will halt all production and close it's facilities by December 31st 2012.

Why don't you just play older movies? This isn't an option for us, new requirements won't allow 35mm theatres to play older content 'out of release' and new movies are only going to be released in digital.

This mandatory requirement means the 58-year old Harvest Moon Twin Drive In Theatre must upgrade its projection and sound equipment for the minimal cost of $120,000. This is for USED equipment and doesn't cover the cost of installation and the special designs required for a Drive In theatre.

If you are interested in learning more about this green (yes, it is wind-powered!) Drive In. Please visit their website HERE.  Being at the Drive In in a lot more than just seeing a movie. It is a unique family experience a piece of American History. If you haven't had the chance, we encourage you to check it out.

After finding the perfect spot, our first task was to raid the concession stand.

 Notice Nan's Super Rope...our family may have consumed a few of these during this Fun Goal.

Before the movie and during intermission, kids play soccer in front of the screen. Michael and I may have joined in too!

Our perfect spot was front row in the middle!

We started off outside. Jo became too noisy so she and I moved inside hoping to not disturb others. But getting settled inside involved accidentally honking the horn (and scaring the pee out of Michael and Nan who were sitting in front of the car) and turning on the headlights. Please note our perfect spot. I am sure we disturbed way more people by moving inside. At intermission, the cold forced Michael and Nan to join us. (Note: another Super Rope)

Jo was just excited to be crawling around the car and not having to sit in her car seat. And she may have consumed an entire Super Rope herself....

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  1. I love this post! From the fact that you were at a drive-in (jealous!) to the massive consumption of super-ropes, to the crazed preschooler in the car causing havoc. Looks like a wonderful time!