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Monday, January 14, 2013

Disney Planning - Packing Lists

Here are three sites with great packing lists for your Walt Disney World trip. Each is in a somewhat different format. I am sure you will find that one of the three appeals to the way your brain works. (Or use all three like I do!)

A couple of things that I didn't see on the lists that my family has found helpful:
  • Stool so little people can reach the sink in the hotel room. 
  • Bath tub toys. These can double as pool toys! There is obviously very little for a small person to do in a hotel room. We usually find the bathtub to be a good distraction. If space is limited, we pack 'disposable' tub toys like glow sticks, bath crayons, and those little magic towels that are teeny tiny until you soak them in the tub.
  • Kleenex. If you are prone to allergies or are fighting a cold, you will want to bring your own box.
  • Air Freshener. (Enough said.)
  • Hanging closet organizer. A great place to stash toiletries because of limited counter space.
  • Sound Machine, CD player, or Fan. Right now we don't have anyone who needs one to fall asleep but sometimes one of our girls goes through a phase and it makes all the difference.
What have you packed for your trip to Disney that was helpful?
What do you wish you had packed? 

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my packing list here. Funny thing about the items you added? I always bring the last 3 myself. Maybe I should add them to that already-huge packing list? :)

    When my daughter was younger, I took her to one of those places where you mix your own scent. We bought the scent in one of those plug-in air fresheners and now when we smell something like that, we're reminded of that trip since it's a smell we only used that week.