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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Disney Trip Planning

We are planning a trip to Disney World in the (VERY!) near future. The truth is that we are always planning a Disney trip...just we are getting close to actually going.

Those of you who know us at all know that we love Disney. I should be embarrassed about loving a place that only wants to take my money...about buying things with their logos and characters that is essentially free advertising for them...about not using my money more wisely...I should.

But the truth is our family loves Disney.  Every other year, we want to see Mickey Mouse, ride roller coasters, hug Cinderella, and eat until we are ashamed (and then get dessert). This is the year that all happens!

In preparing for this trip, I found my new favorite website:

If you are planning a trip to Disney in the near future, you will want to check this out. If you are like us and are always planning a trip and just need a Disney fix, you will NEED to check this out. founders, the Brickers.

 This blog is written by the cutest husband/wife duo. I love it because:
  • They are from the Midwest so they appreciate and notice the weather for Florida and Southern California.
  • They are obsessed with eating (even though they are remarkably thin for this obsession) and are pretty sure they have eaten at every counter service and table service restaurant. 
  • They both have a photography hobby so their are lots of pictures and they are good. 
  • They are funny!
  • They make our love of Disney seem completely harmless and normal because they are infatuated.

Drop by and check out this great resource and drool over their food pictures.
What are some of the resources you use for planning your Disney trips?


  1. We will be commissioned in Tampa in July. Praying God opens the doors for us to take our children to Disney - just once as we prepare to take our family to the 2nd poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. If He sees fit...

  2. We are going in September for a week! I usually look at I'm going to check out this site too!