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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organizing Easter

I am an organizer. I enjoy the actual process of organizing things.

It gives me a feeling a contentment to see things all beautifully arranged and exactly where they belong. This is not a great way to go through life especially if you are a mom and a homeschool teacher.

That means not much is beautifully arranged, exactly where it belongs, or even organized.

Things I don't use often have a fighting chance of being all of those things since I can hide them. Such as my Christmas stuff like I shared a here.

Last year, I tried to simplify my spring decorations and activities. I put Valentine things into one pink tote. I put St. Patrick's Day into one green tote. I put Easter things into two totes after getting rid of a bunch of things.

But my Easter stuff is a weird combination of Spring, Bunnies, and things about life, death and Resurrection of addition to being stuff for children ages birth - older elementary. I needed a way to get it all together so I would actually use it. I set out the decorations and that left all the books, worksheets, activities, and crafts in the totes.  I didn't use almost any of those things at all last year because time got away from me...or they were messy...or I was lazy...well, all of the above.

I didn't want that to happen again this year so I recruited the only other person I know who can clean her room for two hours and only have an organized dresser drawer to show for it: My oldest daughter.

We organized, sorted, threw away, and then put what was left into plastic sheet protectors and into notebooks. She saw all the things I had to work on which leads to her wanting to the things and asking to do the things....which leads to me actually getting the stuff out!

I wanted to show you what I did in case you also need a little help getting stuff into usable order.

We organized things into categories such a the Resurrection or Bunnies. Isn't it weird that Easter is so all over the place?

One of the things that Classical Conversations has taught me is to use the shiny page protectors and write on them with dry erase markers instead of making lots of copies. I put some of our worksheets into these and use little blue post-it labels that remind me, "Keep in page protector and use dry erase marker."  This worksheet is new for Nan and I this year. It was something I came across while learning about Lent. We are going to spend Holy Week being intentional about studying the life of Christ.

Because Nan saw things and things are easily accessible, we are using them! I made a quick copy of some Easter egg for the girls to watercolor today during a break.
I only have a picture of this artist. The other artist in the house was not wearing enough clothes to photograph!

If you have any suggestions, tips, or ideas for organizing, finding, or using Easter and Spring stuff please pass them along. I can use all the help I can get!


  1. "the only other person I know who can clean her room for two hours and only have an organized dresser drawer to show for it"...laughed out loud!

  2. I also HEART organization! Great ideas!! Love the colored totes too! I have red and green for Christmas, but didn't think beyond that!

  3. Ummm. . .

    Remind me again why I like you??!! (wink) Oh to be organized. . .