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Monday, May 13, 2013

H & H Assignment: Music Mondays in May (2)

My Homesteaders & Homeschoolers Blog Group's assignment for the month of May is writing about music.We picked music not just because of its alliteration with the name of the month but because also because we realized how many of our memories are connected to music. Here is week #2. (You can read Week #1 by clicking HERE.)

We only flew one time in my entire childhood although we traveled constantly. My Dad likes to least he did years ago before he had such a long commute. My mom says we drove everywhere to save money but mainly because my Dad likes to be in control of the schedule.

When I was in Kindergarten, my Dad bought his very first brand new vehicle: a full-size Chevy van in gray and blue. It as his baby and he held unto it until I was in college. (He really wanted to move me to college in it because he felt like it would perfectly book-end my life: Kindergarten to College. My mom finally convinced him that it may not make the 500+ mile trip...and it may bring embarrassment to me. Thanks, Mom!)

We traveled many weekends of my elementary school years because my mom and her friend had a business in which they sold the jewelry they made at crafts shows. (That is such a simplistic way to explain this situation! I will blog about it sometime in the future. It involves Christmas lightbulbs...) We would often leave after school/work and drive through the night to get to places in time to set up for the usually weekend shows.

My Dad would listen to cassette tapes in the car to stay awake. Well, he also chewed gum and  randomly opened the windows blasting us all with cold air in order to stay awake but neither of those involve music and since this in Music Mondays in May, I better back up to those cassette tapes.

He listened to several different ones but the ones I associate with car trips and still have memorized are Peter, Paul & Mary and The Carpenters.

So here is one with three very young members of Peter, Paul & Mary:

And here they are clarifying a few things about another famous song....

I loved this song as a kid but never had seen the video until I was writing this blog. It include the whole Disney gang!!!!! I feel like I discovered hidden treasure!

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What music makes you think of traveling as a child?


  1. I LOVED Puff the Magic Dragon and when it would come TV. I would cry every time.

  2. I dig your dad's van and I love Peter, Paul, & Mary! We listened (and saw in concert) too many times to count The Beach Boys. I really dislike the Beach Boys.

  3. I love the picture!!! Too cute!!!