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Monday, May 20, 2013

H & H Assignment: Music Mondays in May - "You're Welcome"

My Homesteaders & Homeschoolers Blog Group's assignment for the month of May is writing about music.We picked music not just because of its alliteration with the name of the month but because also because we realized how many of our memories are connected to music. Here is week #3 (Week #1 and Week #2)

"You're welcome!" is a bit of a family game.

You know how you get a song in your head and you start singing or humming it aloud. And pretty soon someone around you begins singing the same song? Yeah, that is a game in our house.

Your goal is to get someone else to get the song stuck in her/his head...once you catch them singing the song, you loudly announce, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" Usually the person doesn't even know they have 'caught' your song!

We blame give credit to our sister/friend/daughter, Jessica. (The truth is that we only Nan calls Jessica her sister/friend. Michael and I always called her "Our Jessica."  EVERY family should have a "Jessica".)

Jessica is musical. Although she never had the opportunity to really study an instrument, something I am sure she will master one day, she does have an ear for music and a beautiful voice. Jessica was always leading music in some capacity at church especially for children. She would constantly have a catchy kids song she was working on motions or the such for...and she would get it stuck in our heads. Once she heard us singing it, she would say, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Eventually she passed this game to Nan and then onto Michael and I.

There is hardly a day that goes by we still don't play the "You're Welcome" Game. This week we are passing along the theme song from Wonder Pets.

Last week, it was Barbara Manatee from Veggie Tales.

"....a new manatee lipstick!"

Did you watch those videos? 

Any of those songs get stuck in your head?


What song is stuck in your head this week?

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  1. We do that in a slightly different way. When someone "passes along" a song and it gets stuck in our head we shout out "Thanks A Lot!". Giggles all around!!

  2. You actually got the Wonder Pets theme into my head and I didn't have to even push play. Both of them are really! Lol! I'll be thinking of them/signing them all evening I'm sure.