It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. -Mother Teresa

Friday, May 3, 2013

I love my sister (and doughnuts)

I just recieved an email from my sister. 

It is just too wonderful not to share:

"Headed to Champaign. Going to make a Walmart run. You guys need anything? Maybe a dunkin doughnut run too... You guys need a dozen?"

I promptly replied with my doughnut order including my two favorites: Old Fashioned and Toasted Coconut.

I am feeling blessed by this little thing today(and feeling hungry for doughnuts).

What little thing are you thankful for today? 

What is your favorite type of doughnut?

PS: How do you spell doughnuts? (I use the dough-spelling.)

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