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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Am I the Crazy Lady Who Homeschools Her Poor, UNSOCIALIZED Children???



Isn't it so weird how one thing will come to define you? 

You know what I mean like you are "The Cat Lady" or "The Dentist" or "The Guy with all the Tattoos"?

Sometimes I feel like I am defined by our choice to home educate our children. Especially in our small town (and the one we used to live), we are viewed as somewhat countercultural or like we were making some big statement (of what I am not clear).

Homeschooling isn't really that weird anymore. 

(For Real, I am not just trying to convince myself and you!)

People who homeschool are not all countercultural or trying to make some big statement about politics or religion. (Yes, there are a few. And yes, I agree they are weird.) In general, homeschoolers  just choose to make even more choices regarding our children's education. 

Homeschooling is a big part of how I  spend my time but I really don't want it to be the 'thing' that defines me....

(Wait! Could it be too late? Am I already "THAT Crazy Lady Who Homeschools Her Poor, UNSOCIALIZED Children"????)

I hope you are taking this post without offense and without feeling like I am trying to convince you to home educate your children.

Homeschooling isn't for every parent and it isn't for every child.

Michael and I get asked lots of questions about homeschooling. (Apparently, it is almost as big of a mystery as soccer is to most Americans!)  The other day I came across this inforgraphic. (Don't you just love these things?) It may answer some of your homeschooling questions.

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

Did you learn anything new about homeschooling? 

Did this cause you to reconsider homeschooling or homeschoolers? 

Were you surprised or not surprised by what you read? 

Please share your thoughts with me! 


  1. LOVE this!
    I had not seen that before.
    Being new to "the club," I could not believe that it only became legal in all the states in 1993! WOW!
    Also LOVE the Gandhi quote- I had heard it before- in fact, I put in on last year's yearbook! :-)

  2. I think public school came into being because it kept the children out of factories and work environments and helped them become members of society.
    I'm not surprised that a large % use religion in their teaching.

  3. Cute.

    Of course, I think homeschooling is both wonderful and quite normal. ;)

  4. I posted that same graphic yesterday. :) It's amazing how little the general public understands about homeschooling, even though there are homeschoolers in nearly every community in the US. And you're right: it isn't for everyone. It is right for our family and that's the one I make the decisions based on. I love that the graphic shows how things like income and parent education don't make homeschooling ineffective but rather only have a very small impact on overall test scores. Bam! Two big misconceptions blown out of the water. :)

  5. Awesome post Laura! Thanks for sharing!