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Monday, February 10, 2014

Sensory Table: Clean out the Cabinets

Last week I did one of my Picture-a-Day Challenge photos on our sensory table. (See that post here.) A friend, who recently added some toddler & preschool age kiddos to her life, asked for more details about the sensory table. This is not the first time, I have shared with a friend  how much I love the sensory table!

She said she was going to put together a sensory table and even went immediately to Pinterest to set up a Sensory Table board. We jokingly challenged each other to post pictures about what we end up doing in our sensory tables. Just in case it wasn't a joke, I want to be the first one to post. (I am sure I get bonus points for being first.)

Seriously though, I know how great a sensory table is for so many reasons but some days I simply forget to use it. For Real: there are some days that I am too lazy to fill it...and clean up after it.

I hope that posting the pictures of the sensory table, not only holds me accountable to using it often, but also inspires you to set up your own sensory table and keep it filled.  If you blog or even just Facebook, please join us in sharing your sensory table messes experiences!

Found an open bag of these stuff in the back of the cabinet...dumped in the sensory table!

Today's theme: clean out the cabinets! I filled with lentils, steel cut oats, old fashioned oats, and chow mein noodles.


  1. So what happens now? Jo just eats the stuff in the sensory table? What's step #2?

    1. You are funny! She just plays in it....scoops, stirs, pours...and dumps it out (often on the floor). We will probably keep the contents for a few days and then throw it out in the yard for the birds.

  2. Have you thought about adding some matchbox cars, action figures, or the like? My kiddo loves to make monster truck courses and houses for his army men. Anything to keep him occupied, instead of destroying the house!

  3. OK, I've been seeing sensory table stuff, but I'm way behind the game. Keep sharing please--I may have to copy you! This busy 3yob keeps me hoppin'! :)