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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break in Chicago Day 2

Day 2 involved people watching (after sleeping in!), HGTV, A Cupcake Tour, Millennium Park, The Art Institute, and Pizano's!

After a slow start to the day because someone (and not me!) wanted to lay in bed and watch HGTV, we grabbed an early lunch at Chik-fil-a. (man do we love this place!). It was probably the cleanest, cheapest, and friendliest place we ate the entire time we were in the city. We sat at the window and people watched. It was like 10 degrees outside. We enjoyed counting how many people were dressed totally inappropriately for the weather. We are are nice like that.

A fresh sprinkle of snow made even the Chicago river look beautiful!

We had a little time to spare before our tour so we stepped into a used bookstore for a while.

1st stop on the cupcake tour: only use local and if possible organic ingredients. Needless to say, this was not our favorite!

Did I mention that the cupcake tour was a walking tour? And it was COLD????

Stop # 2 a famous name: Crumbs! (It is beside American Girl so it may be familiar to many of you.)

Stop #3 was a break from cupcakes for gelato. Nan had mint.

Not only did this place have so many gelato choices, there were 3 cases like this one filled with baked goods!

I had amaretto.

This is where we had the gelato. Their deli meals looked the food of Hancock building...we will have to come back.

This was my favorite spot. The Famous Sprinkles bakery. They sell their frosting in "shots". Next time, I am just eating frosting.

We didn't get to use their pink cupcake ATM but still enjoyed our tasting. Nan suggests  you skip the cupcake decorations because they aren't that tasty.

Last stop was a little too gourmet for us: salted caramel (the caramel filling was liquidy and oozed with a weird texture while the frosting was too bland.)

The other cupcake here was a BLT, so it was savory. I enjoyed it although I would almost say it was more of a muffin. Nan didn't like either as you can tell...

Did I mention someone watched a lot of HGTV on this trip. We also used this opportunity to have some puberty talks. I won't enlighten you here. :)

Michael got home and we headed out to Millennium Park.

Michael made this picture (but cropped) his facebook profile and people commented that we looked cold and possibly Russian. We headed across the street to the Art Institute, which was open late that night.

Nan was desperate to see her favorite, Jackson Pollock. I wish that I could have taken a picture of her face. 

It is amazing to stand next to paintings you have been studying.

Is it crazy to anyone else that these are just hanging on a wall and you can walk up to them???

Monet's famous Haystacks...something we studied in CC this year. It was on Nan's must see list.

Again, this is medieval art that is centuries old. Amazing. It took special significance because it is the era of history we concentrated on first semester this year.

An iconic Chicago picture spot.

We headed across the street for one of our favorite Chicago Pizza places: Pizano's. Nan is drinking a local root beer. We always have to eat and drink local when possible while I may have enjoyed 1 or more pints of Revolution myself. :)

Nan's artwork on the tablecloth...maybe a little Monet inspiration from the AI?

Another Iconic Chicago picture spot.

View from our room at night.

View from our room at night.

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  1. What a fun trip. Hotels downtown are so fun to stay in! The Art Institute is one of my favorite places I went so many times as a child, saw many special exhibits there as an adult. Fun!!