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Monday, August 4, 2014

H & H Assignment: Back To School Traditions

This week's H & H Assignement to is to share your family's back to school traditions. Check out how Melissa, Jen, and Carla celebrate the beginning of the school year.

Here is the deal, we don't have any cute pinterest-worthy back to school traditions. We actually don't have any back to school traditions other than trying to take at least one picture sometime during that week.

Last year, this didn't go so well. You can see our second attempt here because the first attempt ended in a For Real post.

Back to school is a little different because we homeschool. Most of the summer, we still work on something quasi-school related and review. Not a lot just enough for Nan to complain about it. :)

Then, when we start school, it isn't with a big first day with a schedule. Rather we do what I refer to as a "soft-start". We take our summer schedule and slowly add to it. Last week, we added math. This week we had handwriting and science. Next week we will add more subjects. We will be full schedule right around Labor Day.

Nan's first day of math for the 2014-2015 school year. 

I wish we had one big tradition like going to get doughnuts. (actually I think that should be a once a week tradition we begin this school year as soon as the new doughnut shop opens 9 1/2 miles away...)

hurry up already, I have been stalking this place for months. waiting for it to open!

With a soft start there isn't an official first day of school, so we miss the big build up. I guess when it gets pointed out this way, it makes me a tiny bit sad. With that being said, I am not willing to change. This works for our family: It allows me to get organized a little bit at time, and it allows Nan the freedom to ease into a more rigorous routine.

It also allows us to enjoy that last few days of summer with our friends including those who attend public school , who are still on summer break!

I would enjoy reading about how your family prepares for (or celebrates!) going back to school. Please share!

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