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Sunday, March 22, 2015

JoJo Update

A few weeks ago I did a Nan Nancy update. 
(You can check that out HERE.) 
Now it is JoJo's turn. 

JoJo still has her obsession with Pizza Hut although now no one takes her to eat there. (maybe when the adoption is paid off!) Her Aunt sent her this for Valentine's Day: a vintage Pizza Hut Skipper doll. She LOVES it.  

She painted this picture of herself from back when she used to be a mermaid. Just ask her. She will fill you in on the details. 

This spring JoJo started attending preschool at our church two days a week. SHE LOVES IT. I LOVE IT. Best decision we have ever made regarding her education. Just a reminder for everyone who is like, 'Umm, I thought you homeschooled." Our educational philosophy is that we do what is best (in our ability) for each child at that time. For now, Jo being in preschool is what is best for her. We may even send her again part-time while we do Kindergarten part time at home...because we can and that may best for her with the craziness that is life with two new sisters. Homeschooling allows for this flexibility that is one of the main reasons we made this choice for our family. PS: Did I mention I love her preschool? I do. I love it. 

Here is a little glimpse into Jo's personality. She is way more comfortable in some situations than her sister or I ever was. We are a baby shower. This is like the second gift. Very soon after, she is standing beside Rachel...followed by helping her unwrap...followed by me calling her back to sit with me because she was "too involved". She throws herself into things...for better or worse. 

Wednesday mornings is Library Story Time with Miss Patty. EVERYONE needs a Miss Patty in their life. She is amazing. Our library and librarians are amazing. Did you know they let each child eat a cookie while walking around the kids' section of the library. The kids make a huge mess dropping cookies everywhere but they don't care! They clean it up without complaint. They even let the kids pick which exact cookie they want even if it takes a few minutes...they just are those kind of people. They let the kids wander, squirm, share random information...just be kids. It is no surprise that this is one of our favorite times of the week! 

This is Jo's favorite shirt. It has hearts and pandas on it. It also has extra-long sleeves that are supposed to go over your hands with a special thumb hole. Her big sister, N2, has a matching one. This shirt gets worn for days in a row...when she wears it she shares random facts about N2. She also tries to imitate her. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry. It does the same for her. Just randomly Jo will start crying sometimes. She tells us, "I just miss my big sisters."

A few other random thoughts about Jo:

If we removed the words "cute" and "adorable" from her vocabulary, she would speak about a 1/3 less. (maybe even half less)

She has a pink bunny that is her "lovie". My best friend growing up always had bunny lovies. I think I will let her keep longer than I normally would just because it makes me smile.

Yogurt and fruit. Fruit and yogurt. This child eats her weight in it daily. She also is suffering from a small addiction to "peana and jelly" sandwiches. She is very particular about the jelly (concord grape only!) but doesn't care what brand of peanut butter or even what type of bread.

According to her everyone but me writes from right to left. Her teachers and friends do. Her sister does. EVERYONE. It is unreasonable for me to ask her to write left to right. People will laugh at her.

She begs to use her Dad's iPad to play Minecraft. I have never played minecraft but I even I know that she isn't doing it right: she sets up elaborate birthday parties with themes like My Little Pony and Tinkerbell. She speaks of these parties like we are all going to physically attend with her. She wants to talk about it often. "Hey Mom, want to just talk? How about minecraft?"

She almost has the Lord's Prayer memorized. She says the parts she knows with a much louder voice than the parts she doesn't know. Sometimes this is so ridiculous that it is difficult not to laugh during prayer.

She has the best belly laugh. You can't help but smile when she laughs.

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  1. My kids are obsessed with minecraft on the iPad. I don't get it but I believe they are using spatial skills and architecture in a playful way. So I let it go. And I need to know where to purchase the red panda shirt for Gigi. Because she is just like Jo only she has an love for Arby's instead of Pizza Hut.