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Monday, April 20, 2015

Presidents Day 2015

Presidents Day? Wasn't that like 2 months ago you ask? Why yes, yes it was. But I have yet to post how we celebrated. Okay, celebrate may give the impression that it was more of a party and less of an educational experience. There was candy and games...and cake so officially, it was a celebration.

We got together with 3 other families so that each child could practice giving a public presentation. Each family chose a president, prepared a small presentation and hands-on activity to share.

One family chose President Roosevelt after their presentation we played a National Parks game. 

Nancy chose President Reagan. She prepared a visual aid and wrote a paper she read. She did this project almost completely on her own from library research. She just needed a little help printing the papers for the bags of jelly beans. 

Her hands-on activity was jelly beans! 

Jo gave her approval for this activity!

President Clinton was the choice for another family. We used the information from their presentation to complete a cross-word puzzle. 
Another family choose President Lincoln. Their hands-on activity was preparing his favorite cake recipe. 

I told you there was cake! 

I love the diversity of ages in this group. Children from preschool to 6th grade shared and listened. We ALL (even the parents) learned new things! 

We went back and forth between presentation and hands-on activity. It was a great way for us all to learn a little more in a fun way. It was just the right amount of families too! Looking forward to next year already! I wonder what other subjects we could study this way????

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