It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. -Mother Teresa

Saturday, June 27, 2015

1st of 3 Trips....part one

We just returned from the first of three adoption trips. We are still recovering from the 8 hour time difference! I type this at 4am (Man, I don't miss getting up this early to go to work at McDonalds!) because my body still thinks it is lunchtime. :)

Not sure how much to share about our trip and in what way to share it. So for now, I may just break it down into some stuff that is more about Michael and I on the trip rather than the girls....when they are home and ready to share their story together, we can do that together.

We were warned that we would be doing a lot of walking and traveling within the country, so we packed as little as possible. This was a great idea since we had so many issues on flights. I am pretty sure we would not have had our luggage!

Our luggage for 10 days including gifts. 

Some of the places we were staying were a bit primitive so we even had to pack our own soap, flashlights, towels and toilet paper. 

Our first flight left several hours late causing us to miss our next flight....and even the flight they had rebooked us to take. Let's just say that after 14 hours of travel we were only 200 miles from was a frustrating and a little scary. Scary because we had an appointment at 10am on Wednesday on the other side of the world that we absolutely could not miss!

This is when we arrived at the first airport at about 7:30am on Monday.  We are clean, smell good, and have smiles! 

So we ended up with completely different airline with a connecting flight in a completely different country!

We were on a huge, new plane, On the screens you were able to choose to watch one of two cameras: one pointed out over the cockpit so you could see what the pilots were seeing. Two pointed down so you could watch the earth/clouds/runway. 

During our 7 hour layover in Frankfurt (yeah, first it was Vienna then it was Munich...but eventually we landed in Frankfurt), we napped, tried to catch up to the time change, and then found someplace to eat. 
We knew we were in Europe when we had our first drink without ice! 

meatloaf (which is more like fried bologna) potatoes, and eggs. 

potato dumplings, saurbraten, coleslaw. 
We didn't really have enough time to leave the airport so this is the most I saw of Germany....which was way more than I had planned to see of it! 

Bought our girls this bag of German gummy bears and ourselves two bottles of water.....yeah it was the equivalent to $21 US dollars. Buying stuff in the airport is expensive. Buying stuff in Europe is expensive! 

We arrived around 2am in Kyiv but by the time we exchanged money and got to our apartment it was almost 4am. We slept for a few hours and then changed in time to be picked up at 9am for our appointment. So you can say that we made it for our appointment with about 7 hours to spare!

You go in this nondescript door and up some stairs for our SDA appointment. 

We had to wait a while but this was our view so it was okay. This is St. Andrews and it was built in 1847. 

We sat down with a social worker, our facilitator, and this giant stack of documents....very familiar documents because the majority of it was our dossier! By signing that book with that pen, we formally requested to adopt our girls.  Now we wait for the referral letter so we can go to their region. 

We have three  fundraisers ongoing if you would like to support our adoption fund:

1.)You can make a tax deductible donation through Lifesong for Orphans by clicking HERE. Please be sure to include our name (Robey) and our family number (5208).

2.) Friends are hosting an online Jamberry party where some of the proceeds will be donated to our adoption. You can click here to join.  These are nail wraps and would make a great gift for any lady but especially pre-teen/teen girls!

3.) When shopping Amazon please use our link. It won't cost you anything but they will donate a percentage to our adoption.

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  1. I love that you're sharing the details of the journey! You are a packing Ninja! It's fun to see the pictures of the food and the (expensive) treats.

    And boy, oh boy, do those stacks of paperwork look familiar!