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Friday, July 24, 2015

Camp 2015 (Guest Blogger: Nancy Robey)

Editors Note: Nancy is taking over the blog today to share about her camp experience. This is her second time attending. She has yet to recruit friends to attend with her so she has attended each year by herself. I am so proud of her for this because I don't think I would have done the same thing at her age!

Pictures are limited because the camp (thankfully!) does not allow electronics. Last year's video was a little more in depth and I think gave a better idea of the kids spent their time. One of the things I most appreciate about this camp is that it is staffed by trained counselors. It isn't just your mom or grandma leading activities. It truly is a time to be out of your comfort zone and grow!  If you are looking for a great non-denominational Bible camp, please check them out! 

This is my week at camp!

We started packing and I found that I had no summer pjs so I got to go
with dad and get some along with other missing things. EDITORS NOTE: Nancy packed herself for camp this year. She laid everything out and we just checked it over. 

I was second one in the room so I got choose my bed. I picked bottom bunk.
(The last girl got top bunk and didn't like it so she slept on the floor since no one wanted to trade.) Editors Note: Nancy did not mention that this is not the roommate who slept on the floor...this is her great grandmother who helped drop her off at camp. :)
Jojo was very clingy since she realized i was not coming home for a week.
(She was like this picking me up too.)

Our speaker's name was Amy. She talked about the fruit of the spirit, baptism, and burdens.
After she talked we would go into groups and discuss what we thought about it.

I got to do a bunch of fun activities like archery and riflery, laser tag, rock wall, and SO much more.

Coming back from the mud pit and hearing someone call my name I turn around. It's
my mom! I wave and think "How does she recognize me in all this mud?"

On the last day we get to sign each others shirts before we go in for parent to see us and get instructions.

I don't like dancing in front of people, yet I have all week. I spent most of the time hiding from
mom since she was taking pictures (I eventually gave up.)

These are my counselors: Amber the one with the pink shorts and Brynne the one with the black shorts.

These are the two people I hung out with all week Samantha who has glasses and Jillian my room mate
(I could not stand my other room mate she the one who slept on the floor.)

Thats pretty much it except for one really important thing. I am getting baptized.  I decided I need God and even though I have always known Him, I need to believe Him, and follow Him. That is what I plan on doing next Friday, July 31st!

Catalyst Camps of Cedar Lake 
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BONUS: Camp Video

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