It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. -Mother Teresa

Monday, August 24, 2015

1st of 3 trips....the food (part 3)

Part three brings us to a major vacation destination on the Black Sea during peak season. We stood out a little less here. Because of the large tourism industry, we often found some English menus which we could point at and plenty of clean choices.

It was here the we were literally just sitting around "on call" for meetings and paperwork so we never could wander that far. We ate breakfast in our apartment, something small for lunch like chips or a hot dog, and then went for a late dinner. Still not as late as the locals, who often didn't dine until 10pm! (It was still light out.) 

After not eating all day, we finally were in our destination city: Odessa. It would make sense that we would eat at an Irish Pub and Sushi Bar. Seriously it feels like everything in this town is ....and Sushi. :)   Fish and Chips for Michael 
Chicken, potatoes, and pickles for me....even pickled cherry tomatoes. After days of not being able to pick what we ate, this was a real treat. 

We headed to the grocery story to buy a few supplies. We even ordered this from the deli counter. We were 100% sure it was Honey Cake like our friend, Linda, makes. IT WAS NOT! (Also it was not $16.50 US....that means it wasn't even a $1) 

The store had 2 more counters like this full of fish! 

Eggs are not refrigerated. 

Sausage section....seriously. 

American Cookies = chocolate chip cookies

Our fridge at the apartment: yogurt, box of apple juice, the disgusting honey/prune cake, and bottled water. 

We struggled with food carts if they didn't have pictures even though the food looked amazing. With pictures, you could snap a pic of the sign on the front and simply show it to the person. Amazing hot dogs....although they are served with mayo...not bad just not used to it.

I tried to find that salad I ate on the first day....never could match it. :(
Michael didn't shy away from heavier foods and took fool advantage of the meat and potatoes.

McDonalds was like this from the moment it opened until when it closed. They actually had security guards trying to keep order. We never actually ate here because it was just as expensive as a nice sit down restaurant. Also, ordering counter service is tricky when you don't know the language. 

We did order a slice of cheesecake to go from the McCafe. The MeCafe had a beautiful dessert selection. If you ate there, you were served on real dishes. 

I ordered this sort of by accident as my I understood why the waitress looked at me funny. There were two sizes and I assumed the smaller one (for about $2 US) was individual obviously wasn't! 

Michael ordered his own meal at the same time: pork steak. The lady was probably like "Fat Americans" 

cheese chips & coke (real coke made with sugar!) was lunch one day. 

Final night we went out for a little late night dessert. Sugar cubes made me miss JoJo because she always takes sugar cubes in her tea. I already miss good tea being served everywhere. 

marscapone cheese and fresh berry trifle 

These came with my borscht (when we ordered borscht in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago, it arrived with the same small rolls with garlic butter so this must be the traditional way to serve it.)  The dark bread came with a butter that had a few different fresh herbs in it. Yes, they served us bread with a side of bread. This country loves its carbs...and we love it! 

The bowl was huge! It was so good. 

Cabbage rolls with about 2 cups of sour cream! 

fried pork cutlet, sauteed mushrooms, potato pancakes, sour cream, AMAZING ketchup, and salad. This was so good that I came here to eat this as my last meal in Odessa. 

Chocolate restaurant that came highly recommended. I can't even tell you how many times I tried to eat there and this is all I eventually had. They were out electricity most of the time. Things like that happen there often....

Bread tray with some amazing olive oil for dipping

steaks the last night

This was by far the most expensive meal we at the entire time in country. (Cost about $40 so a little less than a steak dinner in the US)  The next night we were in Vienna and saw a restaurant by the same chef. We thought we would check it was several hundred euros. (yeah, we skipped it!)  So I guess we can say we got a good deal. :) 

We had been encouraged to try to fresh juices. They are on every menu. Finally towards the end, I gave it a try...This is apple juice. 
A few minutes later it looks like this. Still yummy though. 

breakfast before we head to the airport: yes, this chicken sandwich, fries and salad are on the breakfast menu. The ketchup. oh the ketchup. so, so good. 

Look familiar? Yeah, I had to have it for myself after Michael had it previously. 

When our girls get home and they want to eat potatoes, potatoes, borsht, sour cream, and more potatoes, then I guess we will just have to adjust....such a hardship.

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