It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home. Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. -Mother Teresa

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

For Real

Last week I made huge impulse buy...literally. (and isn't that an overused and often misused word?) 22 tons of sand means that I can use the word literally.

These two thin, tanned middle-age women spend hours bike riding and walking around my neighborhood each day. They wear expensive work-out clothes and don't appear to sweat that much. The more I see them the less I feel, "Good for them! One day I will do that too." and the more I feel, "Don't they have kids or something better to do? Seriously stop parading by to show off your free time and healthy bodies." (As I stand soaking in sweat in a t-shirt that I got for free on a college visit day shoveling the sand I mentioned above or mowing my yard.) 

I lost it like a crazy raving lunatic on my daughter when she unfolded everything in her drawers. You know the same drawers that less than two hours earlier we had gone through to be sure everything fit, was folded nicely, and placed in matching outfits. She cried. I cried. (and the dog hid.) I hate when I do stupid stuff like that and then have to spend the rest of the day apologizing and trying to repair the damage with hugs and appropriate touch. 

We have a large list of things we are trying to get done before we travel on trip 2 for the girls. For the past year, we have put many things on hold due to time and finances. It isn't like we are all of a sudden going to have more time and money when they are home, in fact more than likely the opposite. Consequently, we are now  doing all those "little things" caulking, painting, cleaning, purging, and appointments. (Like for the 3 car recalls I had been putting off.)

Just ordered a cake and sent out some online invites for JoJo's birthday next week. Let's not go back and compare Nan's 5th birthday to Jo's, okay? 

I am wearing clothes that I worked in and slept in because I knew that I was just going to wake up and go back to painting the garage trim. I possibly wore the and slept in them for two days....I'm trying to remember. Let's not judge. I put on a fresh bra and deodorant at least. 

Although it is over 3 weeks away,  last night Michael and I picked out what we are going to wear for our court date. We are just a little excited! 

It feels like the entire world is on vacation but us. Last night Michael looked over my shoulder while I stared at a newly posted picture of my book club  on a beach in Florida. He whispered, "I'm sorry you are missing out."  I really appreciate when he understands my feelings. 

I am spending too much time thinking about our Little People toys. Should I keep them or get rid of them? They are difficult to store because of how big some of the pieces are. We really don't need 30 Little People. Why am I so sentimentally attached to these plastic things? Why do I think my grandchildren will want to play with them? (Why am I thinking about grandchildren????) 

Seriously struggle with languages. I took Spanish in both High School and College. In addition, Nan and met with a private tutor for a year...I still cannot hold a conversation. I have so much respect for our daughters who are working hard to learn a new language. I also feel shame that I have not been able to learn more of their language. In context sometimes I can understand the idea enough to function but if you were to ask me my Russian vocabulary right now it would be: yes, no, six, squirrel and green. (I wish I was joking.) 

What is something For Real about your life? 


  1. Bless your heart. But, hey...six, squirrel, and green come up ALL THE TIME...right?

  2. I love these--they always make me glad I'm not alone. But 22 tons of sand?! Whatever on earth for?! lol

    Skinny, tan people--bah. Poor cooks and skin cancer. LOL

    Fancy kids' parties--totally overrated.

    Kids making a mess of their drawers--grrrrrr.

    What's wrong with wearing the same clothes (including bra?!) multiple days?

  3. I guess not. First, I don't change my bra when I'm working like that. And second, I tried to get in the wrong car today.