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Monday, February 8, 2016

Family Fun Goal: Bacon Day

It started as a misunderstanding. 

It then became a joke. 

Next it became a suggestion. 

It officially made it to the list. 

Finally it was achieved. 

Bacon Day

If you look on our list, Bacon Day immediately follows Baking Day. Michelle misunderstood the suggestion for a day of baking. We good-naturedly teased her for a few minutes until Nancy and Stacey suggested we really add a day that involved eating bacon for every meal. It was voted on and added. We originally thought that we may do Bacon Day on Michael's birthday but between work schedules, school schedules, and family celebrations we decided there wouldn't be enough time to devote to this pork holiday. It was my suggestion to do it on Super Bowl Sunday...after all we are already going to be cooking and eating ridiculously unhealthy food already.

Our menu for the day

Breakfast was bacon cinnamon rolls, bacon sausage, and BACON!

Bacon Jam: this jar contains 2lbs of bacon

Stacey's Chocolate Bacon Cake Pops

Will we do bacon day again? 
Nope! But we are glad we attempted it. 

You can see some of the recipes we used by checking out my Bacon Party Pinterest Board HERE.

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  1. YOU are the coolest mom EVER!!

    Bacon day!! Love it!